Give Up Smoking Now

(the Light version of NoSmoke)

Research1 has proven that the effective Gradual Reduction Method to quitting smoking can be made even more likely to succeed where a timing device is available to measure the precise times between smokes. GUSN is such a timing system, for Palm devices.


System Requirements
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The first recommended phase is to accurately record just how much you are smoking, and the Recorder does that. Its as simple as pressing a button each time you light up!

This enables GUSN to accurately record how many times you smoke, and when your smoking day starts and ends. Armed with this information, GUSN can calculate a suitable Gradual Reduction Regime, based on your smoking levels and the length of time you want to spend giving up.

Using GUSN during the Reduction period involves a simple Daily status screen:

showing at a glance how many times you have smoked today, when you should next smoke, how far through the quitting process you are etc.

GUSN gives the option of an alarm sounding to remind you that a smoke is due.


With GUSN, your Palm and your determination, you know you can do it!

Please note that NoSmoke is not Freeware. You may freely evaluate it but to use it for more that three days in the Reduction phase requires purchase of a Registration Key.

System Requirements

Palm OS 3 or later
184 K memory



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